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Best facial, a secret gem in NYC

Cinthya Urasaki

I always forget how much I love this place, especially now that I have very limited time to pamper myself. I was able to stop by this week for a facial - it was so pampering and relaxing I have to share this secret gem before I forget again.

I love getting facials but it's hard to find the right place: somewhere where they know what they're doing, they don't do harsh extractions, and it's not insanely expensive. Well, I found it! It's Dermalogica Academy. A coworker recommended this place a few years ago and I've been going there ever since. 

Dermalogica is a skincare brand with an amazing product line. I am their number 1 fan, I use a lot of their products, but if I have to choose my top 2, it would be:

Antioxidant hydramist

I can't live without these two products. I use the hydramist after washing my face and then I use the booster. Both of them keep my skin hydrated and smooth during summer or winter. I highly, highly recommend them.  I also have the travel versions, which I carry with me all the time. Especially handy when flying and the air is super dry on the plane :)

If you're in NYC, make an appointment for a facial or any of their other services, you won't regret it. The prices are affordable and the experience is fantastic. They only use their products and will recommend you what's best for your skin.


Here's their contact info page