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First birthday decor for the lil one

Cinthya Urasaki

We celebrated our daughter's first birthday in Hamburg with my husband's family. We wanted to do something simple and intimate with family and close friends but also wanted to make it a special event for Mila.

I did some visual research on decoration ideas and thanks to Papersource I was able to find many cute things. I was looking forward to decorating with my mother in law and her husband, they're both very creative and detailed oriented people. They have a beautiful home and gorgeous dinnerware for the treats and food.

I wanted something romantic, but still fun and baby appropriate. The color theme I liked was pale pink, gold and white. We used light blue for the boys gifts and some other touches of different toned down colors for the table. We wanted to give our friends' kids something to take away to remember Mila by, especially because we don't live there and hanging out with them was so special.

We wanted something representative of who Mila is, so we thought bringing NY caps for the little guests could be cool. You can see them wrapped with tissue paper in pale pink or light blue.

I loved how everything turned out!